Thousands of UIKA`s New Students participated in Ta`aruf, Nationality Insight and State Defense 2016

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Began its campus activity, 1500 new students of UIKA Bogor who have passed the admissions participated in Ta'aruf, Nationality Insight and State Defense event at Atang Sendjaja, airbase of Indonesian National Air Force (TNI AU), 8-10 September 2016. This event is a series of development pattern of new students which is mandatory for all students of UIKA Bogor.

In his speech, the Rector of UIKA Bogor, Dr. H.E. Bahruddin, M.Ag., stressed the importance of this activity for all students to get to know the campus they occupy, good to know all the elements of leadership begins whom the chairman of the foundation up to the chairman of his study program, the facilities, the campus policies, administration procedure, and understanding Islamic values as a hallmark of the Campus discussed at the event.

The concept of Nationalism and State Defense is mandated by the law and must be done by every citizen as an effort to defend the country, especially for the younger generation as successors to the nation. He urged the students to maximize this activity as a means of reinforcing the national spirit and ideals of the country.

He thanked a lot to management of Atang Sendjaja for supporting this event for the last 3 years. "This is a very good cooperation, which we can adopt the attitude of discipline and obedience that is hard to find in civilian institutions, at least for new students, they can get an idea of how discipline, hard work, and obedient to be a factor that will facilitate them in achieving success."

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