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Thursday, August 13, 2014 is the first day of the workshop with the theme "Workshop-Based Curriculum KKNI (Indonesian National Qualifications Framework)" in building H. Priono Hardjo Sentono Faculty
Engineering UIKA Bogor. Activities scheduled and held for 2 days until the date of August 14, 2014.

On the first day, the activity starts at 08.00 am which was officially opened by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs I., Bp. H. Ruhenda, M.Pd. The purpose of this workshop is to provide information and understanding of the Government Regulation Number 08 Year 2012 to the environment UIKA Lecturer in Bogor, prihal KKNI from the demand side and how to design curriculum based KKNI on the supply side.

Workshop / workshop is very significant, given the KKNI very closely related to the curriculum and policies are becoming the main platform for educational institutions, which will be used as a reference KKNI in curriculum and quality assurance of education throughout Indonesia including in Bogor UIKA that learning outcomes will graduate (Learning outcomes) also refers KKNI or standard.

This workshop presents two (2) speakers, such as: Dr. Yogi Sirodz Gaos and Bp. H. Ruhenda itself as the first vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. In his presentation on KKNI of side

demand. stated bawha KKNI a hierarchy framework competence qualification which qualification hierarchy there are 9 levels. Level 1 is equivalent to basic education graduates, and so on up to level 9 and according equal S3 graduates resource achievement of this level can be reached through
multiple paths (formal education, experience or independent study, the industrial world or the world of work and the professions and professional certification) in order granting recognition of competence in different job sectors.

the end result of this workshop, the team expected the curriculum of each program can design a curriculum-based study in his Study Program KKNI respectively. The end result is
drafting curriculum-based KKNI ready to be implemented.

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